As a developer, you will probably want to install the database on your local machine, so you can edit the source code and run the tests immediately.


Other than a working operating system, the only dependency you need to have installed is NodeJS (14 or higher).

Source Code

You can clone and install the code base by running the following commands in your terminal.

git clone canhazdb-server
cd canhazdb-server
npm install

Once installed, you should run the tests, to make sure everything is working fine.

npm run test

To run the database normally, you can execute the CLI using the command below:

node lib/cli.js --help

Alternatively you can link the cli globally:

npm link

This will allow you to run from anywhere on your computer:

canhazdb-server --help

Need help?

I really care about the "developer experience" of the canhazdb project. If this page doesn't work perfectly first time, please raise an issue.